Do you have DISCOUNTS?

Yes, we have discounts and they can be very attractive if you enter the DISCOUNT PROGRAM, in which you have to share our work and bring us beautiful authors. For more details please visit the DISCOUNT PROGRAM PAGE. Also, we can grant discounts if you book a series, depending on the complexity.

DISCOUNT PROGRAM Question. If I bring an author which has a trilogy, then the same author has a new series, do I still receive the discount bonus?

You receive the discount bonus on his first book or book series with us. You deserve it and is your reward. The new series or other books from that author does not bring you discounts anymore, because we believe that the author continues to work with us because we had a pleasant connection together. Bringing an author does not grant you a lifetime of discounts on that particular author. You’re not bond to each other.

How does the service work?

Firstly, choose the kind of package you need: ebook package, print+ebook package, pre-made package. Then you’ll need to download and complete the briefing form, then you need to send it to my email: . After that, I will contact you. Then we can start designing.

What happens once I’ve sent the briefing form?

The briefing form should give us everything we need to get started on your project. If not, we’ll email you for clarification or additional information.

How does the design process work? What if I don't like the cover design you send me?

You will receive one design and you can ask for revisions (within reason) until you are 100% happy with the final result. 

If you don’t like the design at all, and you think that cannot be made even with your modification requests, we can refund all of your paid money or we’ll design a new one for you with your guidance.

All the files you will receive before approval will be in a low-resolution and cannot be used. Once the book cover design is approved, we will send you the invoice for any remaining fees owed. Once this paid, we will send you the final high-resolution book cover files and 3D rendering, as well as any additional files you may have ordered upfront.

How do you design your covers?

Custom and pre-made covers are designed with photo manipulation, we extract elements from different photos then we manipulate and blend them into a totally new picture suitable for your book.

What happens once I’m happy with the cover?

Once you’re 100% satisfied with your print or Ebook cover design, we will invoice you for the remaining 50% balance through PayPal. Once you’ve paid, you’ll receive the final high resolution files ready to use. Print covers are delivered as print-ready PDFs ready to upload to your printer of choice. Ebook covers are sent in high resolution (2820×4500 pixels) JPEGs. You’ll also receive a 3D rendering of your cover for promotional purposes.

What if I want to cancel the project?

If you change your mind, please contact us as soon as possible.

What if I need some adjustments after the project is complete?

Small changes and minor adjustments are free within 5 months from the delivery of the final files. If multiple changes are required, charges might apply. Contact us for details.

May I get a PSD (Photoshop) file of my cover?

Yes, you can get the cover file in PSD format but please note that all layers will be flattened, and you won’t be able to change it. It will only be possible to edit text layers. Since full-layered PSDs contain licensed material (stock photos from third parties that could be extracted from them) we can’t distribute those files because of licensing and copyright issues.

What if I need the eBook cover now and the printed book cover (or dust jacket) at a later time?

You can purchase the eBook now and then get back to us when you are ready for the printed book, you can simply upgrade to a print package for an additional $100 or for a dust jacket for $50.

Can I look for stock photos myself?

Yes.. If you’d like to look through stock photos either to give me as inspiration, or to find some you’d like to be used, please look on Depositphotos.

I will use other stock photo websites, but do require that the author pay for any photos used from other sources.

Do I pay extra for images?

No. The price you pay for your book cover includes all stock images used. We buy all stock images, so you’re never surprised with any extra fees.

May I purchase add-ons only?

Yes. You can on the Order page or contacting us for further information.

After I buy the cover, do I own all the rights on it?

Yes. If stock images have been used, after the payment the cover is yours to use under the stock photo provider’s standard license (for example see ), which allows you to sell up to 500,000 (half a million) printed copies, eBooks are unlimited. If you exceed this amount you must purchase an extended license for each image used in your cover. You can upgrade to the extended license when you sell that many copies. Upon request, we’ll provide a list of the photos we used and their IDs. Sometimes we use unrestricted public domain photos, in this case there are no restrictions.

Can I credit you in my book?

Crediting me in your book is very much appreciated.

If you’d like to do so, please credit: “Cover design by

What genres do you work with?

We’re open to working with all genres.

Does the ‘PRiNT+ EBOOK COVER DESIGN’ include a back and spine design?

Yes it does.

From where do you get your photos?

I get my photos by buying them from Depositphotos.

What if I have more questions?

Contact us and we will be more than happy to answer your questions.